Adventure Quest XXI Adventure Quest XXI (2016)
A short story about two girls and a game they both play.
click to read Race (2016)
Two boys grow up as both rivals and friends, until one day once of them decides that they've had enough.
Skate Forward Skate Forward (2015)
Silent comic about a girl's dream to become a figure skater.
Nine Lives Nine Lives (2015)
They say that cats have nine lives...
thank u- Reunion (2015)
Silent story about a girl and her estranged mother.
I am a Nightmare (2014)
The story of a little nightmare and his friend.
thank u- Medusa of the Forest (2014) - Japanese Only
According to legend, a monster lives in the forest. He is a recluse, who has the power to turn people into stone by looking into their eyes. A blind girl sought to challenge him in order to prove herself as a warrior, until her village is attacked by bandits...