The information on this page pertains to personal commissions only. Please e-mail me at if you want to commission me for a project or for commercial purposes!

CURRENT STATUS: FULL (December 05 2017)
1. Raya
2. Heather

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Sketch Paint
*update* Prices have been updated as of 2017-07-08
Portrait (above the chest): $50+**
Half-body (above the hips): $60+**
Fullbody: $75+**

**please note: Detailed designs will be subject to $10-15 dollar surplus charge!

– You will receive a medium-sized .png file with a small signature in the corner. (except for icons)
– Feel free to e-mail me with inquiries and additional questions.
– Payment is required upfront. I will send you the invoice via Paypal once details are confirmed. If the total is over $80, you can choose to pay 50% as a deposit, and 50% once I complete the drawing! All prices include Paypal fee and taxes.
– Prices are in USD, and payment will be made through Paypal only (Note: You can pay with credit card/bank account through signing up for a Paypal account).
– Refunds are not offered except in the case that a commission is incomplete by a previously negotiated deadline. I am willing to make small changes to the final product if requested up to one week after receiving the final product.
– Visual references are required! I will have to charge an extra design fee if you want me to design a character for you, charged hourly.
– Simple backgrounds included in prices!
– I reserve the right to reject commissions that I don’t think I can complete to a satisfactory standard. Thank you for your understanding!

Usage: The commissioner has the right to use and modify the image for personal reasons (social media icons, for a layout, etc). However, if you would like to purchase the right to use the image commercially (in any activity where you would be earning revenue or profit, including advertising), we would need to discuss that separately.

If you have read and agree to all terms of condition cited above, please fill out the form below. If you need to attach image references, you can e-mail me directly at

If different from contact e-mail

Last Updated: March 19th, 2017